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Test Products

Test products can be combined to create a Test System. At Elektrotek we have developed some products to help create standard building blocks for Test Systems. We have an ongoing product development program where we are creating both hardware and software products with an aim of simplifying the configuration and building of Automatic Test Systems.


Elektrotek’s HTE (Hardware Test Engine) was developed to enable easy creation of smaller Automatic Test Equipment solutions. It was designed with the objective to easily fit inside a test fixture or into an enclosure that would sit on the bench.

The HTE has a DMM, Scanner channels, Free relays, Programmable DC supply (0-13.5Vdc) and Digital IO which can all be used to create your automatic test equipment.

With the HTE Software a test sequence can be created easily and quickly to allow you test a range of products. The software allows test sequences to be created by a user with no programming knowledge required.



  • Fully Isolated 4 ½ Digit DMM, measures VDC, VAC, IDC, IAC, Res, Cap, Diode, Freq. Max 70V & 1A

  • DMM can be calibrated

  • 40 Reed Relay Scanner points, optional expansion boards

  • Programmable PSU, 0-13.5V, 0-1A, precision readback

  • Dual-core Arm Control processor, 16MD Flash, 8MB, USB & Ethernet connections

  • Multiple Test Program generation options including an easily understood spreadsheet style test sequencer

  • Isolated CAN communications

  • RS485, RS232, TTL communications

  • Opto Isolated digital I/O, 4 IN, 4 OUT

  • 12-bit DAC (8Ch) & ADC (8Ch), 0-12V out

  • 3 General Purpose Relays, 3A, optional expansion boards

  • 2 DPST Pass Thru Relays, 3A, optional expansion boards

  • SPI Expansion BUS

  • I2C Expansion Bus

  • Compact footprint, 210x133x15mm

  • 96-way DIN41612 (Euro) connector or optional high usage Virginia Panel Connector


  • Functional Test System for the tech savvy non-programmer

  • Multi-instrument Functional Test System replacement

  • Compact all-in-one Fixture and Functional Tester

  • Plug in Functional Tester for use with various separate product Fixtures

Programming Matrix

Coming Soon

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