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Automatic Test Equipment

Automated test equipment (ATE) is computer-controlled equipment that tests electronic devices for functionality and performance. ATE includes the control hardware, sensors, and software that collects and analyses the test results. ATE can be configured using off the shelf instruments, modules designed specifically with particular tests in mind and sometimes, custom designed modules. ATE consists of a Test Fixture, a Test System and Software. The Test Fixture allows operators to easily connect the Unit Under Test (UUT) to the Test System. An Automatic Test System is configured with Software and hardware components which can apply stimulus and measure responses to that stimulus, and record the results. ATE improves quality and quality control, consistency, reduces Test time and automatically stores test results. With extensive experience in functional test equipment and a broad range of hardware/software options, we will supply cost-effective production-ready test solutions to meet your test challenges. Proposals developed by our functional test engineering team can include a detailed description of system requirements, test instrumentation, 3D modelling of the proposed solution and other key specifications. Our solutions support a full range of PCB test applications that include in-line and end-of-line board and system level test. Elektrotek’s functional test platforms offer a proven, reliable and cost-effective solution to most functional test problems.

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