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Strategic Partners

Elektrotek has formed strategic partnerships with key companies to allow us to deliver well engineered and reliable Test Fixtures and Test solutions.

MG Products

In a modern electronics production environment, the completion of a final test is now indispensable. To test safely, quickly and reliably – both functional, in-circuit and end of line – MG Products developed its own test adapter line.

In our specially developed MG range of linear test adapters (test fixtures), we use solid aluminum components in our mechanical construction. This is to ensure the reliability and contact accuracy of the test adapter. 


MG-Products manufacture a range of modular mechanical test fixtures with interchangeable cassettes.

CAMI Research

CAMI Research designs, manufactures, and sells the CableEye® PC-Based, Continuity & HiPot, Cable and Harness Test System, a professional test instrument used to check multiconductor cables found in a wide range of equipment. CableEye testers take full advantage of the PC's color graphic display, high-speed computation, and mass storage to provide a complete cable and wire harness management system.

We provide these advanced systems to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly and testing in order to deliver top quality product.


Our CableEye® wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems are used for countless test applications of products destined for Transportation, Aerospace, Energy, Appliances, Medical Devices, Defense, Robotics, Telecom and much more.

CableEye diagnostic test systems are for design, assembly, prototyping, production, and QC to measure, display, and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, and dielectric breakdown. 


Thousands of CableEye systems are installed worldwide.



EIIT produce a wide range of In-Line Handlers for test and program applications.

EIIT manufacture a range of In-line handling solutions for automating ICT, Functional Test and In Circuit Serial Programming. Designed to cover a large number of test points, with long panels for future expansion, the XILS series of Handlers are ready for the most demanding applications. As well as having a built up a good commercial relationship with EIIT, Elektrotek has gained a knowledge of this equipment that allow us to understand how each variation best matches our customer’s requirements. Given the depth of resources EIIT have, Elektrotek is capable of handling large In-Line Handler systems.


SPS are a manufacturer of High Voltage and Safety Test equipment that will test products to verify that they meet most international standards.

For nearly 40 years SPS electronic has been developing and producing testing equipment in the field of electrical safety in Germany and has been selling them worldwide. The main focus of SPS is the supply of safety and function testers as well as a wide range of suitable accessories. In addition to the continuous expansion and development of their product range, they are specialised in developing customised testing systems.


Checksum is a leading manufacturer and supplier of low-cost in-circuit test solutions to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.


Marvin Test Solutions

Marvintest specialises in the design and manufacture of PXI and PC-based test equipment including test instrumentation, instrumentation controllers and chassis, test development software.

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H+W Test Products, Inc., is the largest independently owned test fixture kit manufacturer in the world. Test fixture kits for most major Automated Test Equipment (ATE) testers are available from stock, ready for same day shipments worldwide.

H+W Test Products World Headquarters is located in Seekonk, Massachusetts. They are ready to answer any questions you may have on H+W fixture products, send you product literature and tell you "What's new".

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