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Fixture Kits and Accessories

If a customer wants to build their own fixture Elektrotek can guide and assist the selection of the fixture type and associated components such as probes and tooling pins. In addition, we can supply test fixtures kits from our own range for Low Pin Count/Low Volume type fixtures. Or if a fixture for High Pin Count/High Volume is needed, we can supply kits from our strategic partners, MG Products supply a range of Manual Fixtures and H & W stock Vacuum Fixtures.

Test Fixture Kits

Elektrotek can supply you with a Test Fixture Kit to match your requirement. We have developed 3 smaller and cost effective kits, a Toggle Clamp Test Fixture, a Vertical Acting clamp fixture and the Vertical Acting Test Fixture.

These can be provided blank or we can drill them for you. We can also supply you with bigger fixture kits for these we use our Strategic Partners, these include vacuum Test Fixture kits and Inline Test Fixture kits.

We have a large range of Test Fixture kits for both manual Test Systems and for Automatic Test Systems (ATE) so please contact us and we will be happy to help you select the correct kit for your needs.

PCB Test Probes

We stock a wide range of PCB test probes. Elektrotek can advise and supply on suitable probes to complete most Automatic Test Fixtures.

Picking the correct probe can be difficult. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the correct probe for your requirement.

Test Plate Drilling

Elektrotek provide drilled fixture plates where a customer wants to develop their own test fixture. The main advantage of this approach is that the probe receptacle holes will be drilled using a high speed drill running at 30,000-60,000 RPM instead of a standard CNC drill. With a lower speed drill (2-5K RPM), the holes in laminate materials tend to drift as they get deeper. Once a probe receptacle is inserted where there is drift, it can be slightly off the ideal 90 degrees as it exits the material. Given the probe will project another 10 -20mm from the material surface the pointing inaccuracies are amplified.

For fixture plates it is desirable to use laminate material instead of standard polymer or plastics, laminates retain the probes in position far better than plastics which can soften if the receptacles are soldered.

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