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Automatic Test Systems

Elektrotek has 40 years of experience in developing Automatic test solutions (ATE). We can develop a fully Automatic Test System to fit your product. As part of this we can develop custom software, custom benches and any combination of OEM equipment to meet the testing requirements. If you have a design for a full function test system we can build it to your specifications. Examples of system we have developed go from Heater Rod testers, Medical devices and pressure testers.


The MF ATE (Multifunction Automatic Test Equipment) is a Kit that uses the HTE and a test fixture Kit to produce a full Automatic Test System. With the Test System you get a DMM, a Scanner Matrix, Free Relays, a 0-13.5VDC power supply, Digital IO’s, ADC and DAC, CAN Bus, RS232 Bus. This Test Systems also comes with an excel application which allows the user to create an Automatic Test Sequence. This test system is suitable for products that are powered up by an AC/DC convertor and have 5 or 6 functions that need to be tested. All the results can be logged to a CSV file to help improve your quality system.

OEM Rack Test System

Elektrotek's vast experience with ATE solutions enables us to tailor-make an Automatic Test System to fit your unique needs. Our team of test engineers have the skills to handle all your test requirements. We can configure and develop Bench top ATE or bigger 3 to 4 cabinet ATE Systems.

Pressure Tester

Coming Soon

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