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Non-Standard Fixtures

Non-standard fixtures can be required for UUT’s close to their final assembly process, where it might be difficult to gain access to certain parts post that final assembly. We can allow for custom cables and connectors. Non-standard fixtures can be used to test keyboards, handheld devices and pressure sensors. If you need an item tested, we are happy to review and offer a test proposal. We offer customized test fixtures which use robot’s, XYZ tables, motors, pneumatics and many more.

Custom Connections

If there is a difficult shaped product to connect to, we can develop a jig to match those requirements. We make custom cables to connect directly to the UUT.

Safety Enclosures

High Voltage and Mechanical Safety Enclosures can be supplied to match most requirements. These can be a physical barrier such as a cover or can be a light curtain which is wired to a suitable interlocked safety circuit. These are normally required where high voltage is used, or where there is the possibility of a pinch point from mechanical movement

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