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While Elektrotek is a small company, it has access to a full range of design resources both internal and external, that can be applied in a quick and flexible manner to give a fast response to most enquires. From an initial contact and discussion of requirements, we can give a quick estimate of cost and time scale, thus enabling our customers to reach a quick decision regarding a project's directions and feasibility.

Electronic / Electrical Design

Elektrotek provides circuit design and schematic generation for products ranging from simple relay boards to more complex microprocessor and RF boards.

Mechanical Design

Sometimes you need creativity and engineering know-how. Our team consists of product designers and mechanical engineers with many years of industry experience. Elektrotek brings a practical, sustainable, and immediately useful response to the table.

Mechanical engineering is a key component of any real physical product, prototype, assembly or ‘thing’ that requires some form of mechanical and functional design. Our primary design software is Solidworks which allows us build full assemblies in 3D. This can help identify any fix problems before they are manufactured.

PCB Layout

Printed circuit boards or PCBs have become ubiquitous today, as they are used in almost every electronic item. From simple calculators to high-end smartphones, almost all consumer electronics are built upon a PCB. This isn’t really surprising since PCBs are relatively cheap to manufacture and design. They are also highly effective, ensuring that devices will function as desired and fulfil customers needs.

Before PCBs can be produced, they must first be designed. The performance of your electronic products depends upon the quality of your PCB design. Whether you’re inventing a new gadget or making an improved version of an existing product, you need to focus on designing a high-quality, efficient PCB layout. You can do this on your own, if you have experience in PCB design, and are familiar with the software used for this task. But, if you’re not sure where to start or if you don’t have the time to do so, you’ll want to hire a PCB layout designer. Elektrotek can help you here, either in-house or with one of our verified contractors. Our contractors are experts in designing printed circuit boards for various electronic devices, and they have worked with both small businesses and large companies from different industries.

automatic test equipment

Firmware / Software Development

Again some projects are done in house and some are done using subcontractors.

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