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Elektrotek has a range of manufacturing and test equipment to help you meet your manufacturing needs. We are happy to offer you the services you do not have.

PCB Assembly

Elektrotek manufactures a range of PCB’s using THP and SMT technologies. We source and kit all part and component requirements. Elektrotek uses Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to ensure that all products are manufactured to a very high standard. MDA/ICT bed of nails testing can also be carried out on any products to ensure that correct build and component placement. Full functional test can also be completed; this ensures that all manufactured parts leaving Elektrotek are to the highest standard. Elektrotek has a wide range of programmers and experience in programming modules including device and ICSP programming. Elektrotek has experience in enclosure routing and drilling. We have the facilities to carry out box build and any final assembly that may be required.

Cable and Loom Assembly

We manufacture many different types of looms and harnesses. From discreet wires that are stripped, tinned or terminated to complicated multi-component cable assemblies. A wire harness consists of a simple wrapper or a sheath, which holds multiple wires or cables in place in an organised manner. Wiring looms are essentially more complex assemblies, combining multiple different types of cables and wires into multiple groups often using multiple binding techniques. We have auto cut and strip facilities. We have full cable and harness test facilities. We have the ability to reverse engineer difficult to get or obsolete looms and assemblies.

Panel Building and Wiring

Elektrotek has the ability to design and document your panel. We can then build your panel for you, or we can build to your instructions. Control panel construction is required in numerous areas: Building technology, electrical engineering, industrial automation, power distribution, network technology, telecommunications... In these areas, electrical engineers are confronted with deadlines and cost pressure. High demands are placed on individual control panel solutions, short production time and high quality at low costs. Elektrotek offers highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for all control panel applications.

3D Printing Service

3D printing is one of the fastest ways of taking your idea to a real product. 3D Printing allows Rapid Prototyping at an affordable price. Elektrotek can offer many types of 3D printing. We have FDM, SLA and SLS printers, we print in PLA, ABS and in many types of resins and nylon 12. Choosing a 3D printing technology to print out a prototype, a proof-of-concept or any object at all will depend on what is expected out of the object. Each technology has their own set of strengths and weaknesses and will define the characteristics of the printed object. We can help you decide which approach is best for you. We can design a product for you or simply print your file.

Full Kitting and supplier Shipping

At Elektrotek we have the ability to fully build, test and QC your product. We can then take it one final step and ship your product to your customer. We have partnered with shippers so we can offer the best solution for you. This allows you to deliver a finished product to your customer without the need for you to have a production facility.

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